The National Taiwan University School of Dentistry was previously a dental unit of the Taipei Imperial University affiliated hospital founded in 1910. In 1953, the National Taiwan University Department of Dentistry was officially acknowledged by the university, the first chairman was Dr. Shui Kuo, and it began admitting students in 1955. Throughout years of contribution by chairmen and other faculty staffs, “Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences” was thus established in 1988, which set up the basis for subsequent PhD programs in 1991. With the successful expansion and rising prominence, the “Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences” became “Graduate Institute of Clinical Dentistry” in 1996 to accommodate and differentiate from the more basic science of the “Graduate Institute of Oral Biology,” which was established the following year. On June 14th, 2008, School of Dentistry which integrated the department and 2 graduate institutes was established after passing the University Affair Meeting, with Professor Chun-Pin Lin inaugurated as its first Dean.