As the world economy focuses more and more on techniques and knowledge, the development of the School of Dentistry at the National Taiwan University will focus on integrate all division resources to extend our main research and clinical medical area. We plan to cross the barriers of compartmentalization to establish a joint cooperation that would greatly enhance the strength and basis of biomedical technology development of School of Dentistry, National Taiwan University. At the same time, opening a channel for corporate and academic communication by route of Innovation Incubator will greatly increase the success of corporate and academic cooperation that would financially benefit both aspects. On the topic of clinical service, we base our teachings on the fundamental of “Total Patient Care,” enabling us to provide the most advanced clinical service. Aside from enhancing the overall strength of the School of Dentistry at the National Taiwan University, the “Dental education and research center in Asia” also aims to promote international communication. We set our purpose on becoming the center of research and health care provider. In addition to designing thorough plans for research training, we will also invite prominent researchers in the dental field to visit our school. Meanwhile, we stress the importance of clinical care, which will help promote the credibility and prominence of dental care at National Taiwan University Hospital worldwide.